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Capital Plans' Marketing Update

  •  You may have seen that a popular fund, Woodford Equity Income, has unfortunately suspended trading.  the fund manager, Neil Woodford, had a proven track record after successfully managing the Invesco Perpetual High Income fund and his own fund did well also.   Many people invested in this fund and it was previously on our radar however it was over a year ago that our investment partners Square Mile identified that this fund was no longer in line with its fund objectives.  Our team at Square Mile met with Neil Woodford, face to face, 9 times between 2014 & December 2018. Meetings also took place with other members of that portfolio team, Paul Lamacraft, Lucinda Crabtree, Steven Lamacraft & Saku Saha.
  • We are lucky to have a team of people dedicated to investment research who are able to regularly meet the fund mangers and delve into their processes.   Building up the relationships with fund managers takes time and knowledge.  Our investment partners, Square Mile have a significant research team that has these relationships and we feel privileged to work with them to provide our Capital Plans Model Portfolios.
  • A sector of funds that is susceptible to trading suspensions is the Property sector.  We are concerned about the future of this sector and have made the decision to remove the Property fund from our portfolios.  There is a property fund that has recently suspended trading and we do not wish for our investors to be restricted by any suspension.  You will therefore see some transactions in your portfolios as we replace this fund and adjust the asset allocation.


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