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Ongoing Reviews

As important as the initial plan is, it is however vital that it is monitored and reviewed on a regular basis, so that your investments continue to perform at an optimum level.

This is where Capital Plans Ltd adds REAL value to you.

The performance of the various funds in your portfolio will differ over time. If left for a long period of time, the proportions of the different asset classes they represent will change and this could result in a divergence from your original risk profile.

We therefore regularly rebalance portfolios which will be controlled and monitored by the Capital Plans Ltd Investment Committee. On a regular basis we will ask you to complete a further risk-profiling questionnaire so that, if your circumstances have changed, we can realign the asset allocation of your portfolio accordingly.

All of which provides you with the peace of mind that we are regularly monitoring your arrangements.


  • Annual Review with your Adviser– A complete review of your financial strategy.
  • Additional meetings - At your request between review dates.
  • Comprehensive Valuation reports – Hard copy or emailed to you.
  • Regular newsletter – Keeping you up to date.
  • Priority and Unlimited telephone/email access – To your Adviser and Team.
  • Annual Review of your attitude to risk – Ensuring your investments remain appropriate.
  • Rebalancing and Monitoring of your portfolio
  • Market and Opportunity updates – When appropriate.
  • Online access to our Financial Management portal – For daily in depth valuations.
  • Taxation Planning – Minimising your tax liabilities.
  • Estate Planning – Minimising inheritance tax, where possible.

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